My classes...

My classes are very informal. Each student works on their own choice of painting. Every student's painting is an opportunity for me, their instructior to help them problem solve and complete a finished watercolor. I give demonstrations, offer hands on help and gentle critiques. A little chit-chat, a little music and some coffee! My goal is for each student to master the skills on their own level.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 2014 Class...

                                                                           Tami Howse

Claire Vlasse

David Brubaker

                                                                    Janet Smedley

                                                                          Kerri Evert

Robert  Howse

                                                                  Amanda Herr

                                                                         Lance Couturier
Lynn Dohne

My new students practiced pears; for shape, color and texture.

Nancy Gallagher

 Joy Slavin

David  Brubaker

 Tami  Howse

Claire Vlasse

Students with a bit more experience get to paint whatever they want!

Kathy Cardos 

 Kerri Evert