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My classes are very informal. Each student works on their own choice of painting. Every student's painting is an opportunity for me, their instructior to help them problem solve and complete a finished watercolor. I give demonstrations, offer hands on help and gentle critiques. A little chit-chat, a little music and some coffee! My goal is for each student to master the skills on their own level.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Classes

 Lance Couturier

                                                                      Jane Wise 

                                                             Irvin McCleary

                                                              Christina McCleary
                                                                   Amber Martin

                                                                Kathleen Wenger

                                                                 Jane Wise 
  Lance Couturier

 Lance Couturier
Lance likes to paint his subjects two
times and experiment!

Naomi Mowrer

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